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Gotta Love Professional Development

NCLCA 2018 – Niagra Falls, NY

Another great conference!  So great to meet new colleagues and to connect with older ones.  I picked up so many ideas at this event.

This year, my presentation was about self-directed learning and the data analysis I completed over the summer examining first-year student behaviors and academic success. Working on the front lines with first-year students, it is clear that college success is less about academic preparation and more about student habits related to self regulated learning. The following are a few slides from my presentation:

Aside from re-connecting with colleagues and hearing about the innovative approaches other institutions are taking to improve student learning, I really enjoyed meeting the keynote speaker, Andrea Vahl, to gain insights regarding how we can improve our social media presence to drive engagement with students, parents, and former learning center employees. This is so important because as state appropriations continue to dwindle, we must develop other sources of financial support to continue to support students in increasingly innovative ways.