Leadership Philosophy

I recognize leadership as a privilege that requires uncompromising focus and action on constant progress towards the achievement of an organization’s goals.  I believe that successful leadership and goal achievement are realized through a tremendous focus on the details of communicating vision.
As a leader, my daily mission is to attain success through the encouragement, development and positive reinforcement of my staff.  I strive to develop a culture of autonomy, innovation, and creativity that facilitates respect, teamwork and effective communication.  Organizational achievement is inspired by positive reinforcement and the recognition/rewarding of individual and group staff excellence.  Our expectations of staff are a commitment to mission, accountability of their actions and continued self-improvement through learning.  To be a leader you must develop leaders and we work hard to enable our staff to carry the pride of their successes forward into future endeavors.
To understand, one must listen and in my role I invest great resources into providing a voice to our staff and those we serve.  Combined with a dedicated focus on innovative technologies to provide performance metrics, it is that voice that serves as the primary “guidance system” to correct our course when necessary and ensure that we are on target to achieve our vision.