James Tobias – Richard Bland College

“Christine’s skill for finding and encouraging talent in others is what truly sets her apart from typical supervisors. During my first year as a graduate student, Christine recruited me to teach a First Year Experience Course. Although I was not sure what to expect, she saw that I was a good teacher and knew that I was fit for the position. With Christine’s Guidance, her Graduate Assistants consistently researched and improved the First Year Experience Course. As a supervisor, Christine not only emphasized the importance of having research to back our actions, but also maintained that our research and findings must fit in with the campus culture. I am grateful for the incredible amount of valuable professional and life skills that I gained under her tutelage.

Furthermore, during my three years under her supervision, I watched Christine transform the college’s Success Center. It evolved from a small department that provided tutoring for just a few courses and some Supplemental Instruction, into one that has become instrumental and beneficial for the entire student population. Many students tout the Success Center as their reason for not only persisting, but also graduating, and reaching for goals they never dreamed possible. Eastern Michigan University will have very large shoes to fill once she moves on.”